Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

There we go:

I'll show the final digital presentation on, as soon as its ready to launch.
Greetings from Halle at the Saale.

Freitag, 19. April 2013

Das Ende vom Lied

Fremdteilchen One is ending.

We retire from awareness raising art work until enough power,
participants and cash can be found for the next venture.
Twisted by emotions, I'll try to sum up the last week while Elli eats
a fried snake and a frog next to me. -One hour ago.- Both reptiles were
crawling around in Thai's garden before they were sneakingly caught and
beaten to death with a stone. 

We were lucky to experience a Khmer New Years Eve with
half traditional, half modern music. The mixture of elegant
hand bending performance and hectic disco moves is kind of crass.

Our biggest creature and about ten of its smaller relatives
inhabit the college's campus now, until they will break in cause of
hard weather or cheeky students. Buddha may save them.

The An Giang University provides a second major exhibition ground
for the very last big sculptures, including the boat's roof decoration
fish thing. Ten thousand ambitious vietnamese students, the intellectual
future of the province, will ride their bycicles and scooters along 
our Kirby look-alike and the scraggy four legged Wuselfluselkopf.
I am proud that our animals spread the message for us in this place
full of potential. 
Again, students helped us without being asked for, now the big
fish lays flat on the school yard like fallen from the sky on dry land.


easy to forget

vietnamese mosque

one more neighbor's boat shot

After his daily leisure-time rice wine, which is bottled in 
plastic bags for less than a Dollar per liter, Hei Ku gladly
joins our weirdo show. 


When Elena and me come back from buying veggies at the
market for our 150 km boat ride (three days), Marcus
sits on the floor, with a bright smile, listening to cheerful asian 
music with our harbor friends, food and rice wine.

Afterwards, Thai fits better with the hamock than with the 
steering wheel.

not much left of the reliable dry season

'Raoul' is not ours anymore.

Fluffy clouds make me optimistic.

With the best wishes, we release Thai and is father Chu Nam
to their family. Our skippi (the man who looks a bit shocked, 
confused and tired) said he could not really sleep for the two month 
because he was always worried about bad people coming to the boat, 
putting big knifes on our throats and steal all our whitey-valuables.

Everybody else slept well, tonight he'll be fine again, too!

Haushaltsauflösung und Abtransport

Bye Bye 

My Diploma presentation of this project will take place
at the Kunststiftung Sachsen Anhalt in Halle/Saale, Deutschland
on the 4th of july 2013, whatever time. 

After that day, I will also display pictures I didn't show in the blog yet.

(a shout out to Jonas, Irina, Marcus, Mattis, Verena, Robin, Diem, Elena, 
Anne, Nini, Erik, Mr.Thai, Chu Nam, Thai, Hei Ku, Chi Hai, Christian,
Daniel, Annie, Anna and the man from the construction metal storage,
I love you guys)

Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

School Days Two

3.4. to 11.4.

Cao Lanh

lucky styrofoam catch



back in Long Xuyen

With the help of Christian who is working for the GIZ, I got the opportunity to work 
with the An Giang Vocational College. On monday we began with two speeches
 in front of 500 people each, about the Fremdteilchen. One hundred members of the 
Youth Union of the college collected plastic for us the next day while we built 
the framework for our biggest and final sculpture. During the following days, some
of them as well as other students, too, helped us in their spare hours to tinker it together. 
I must admit, the week at teh school was the most stressful time of the project, but it also
opened a new perspective to me about possible further trash sculpture cooperation works.

Apparently, the sculpture of a big woman with a realistic head was too intense
for the people of the harbor and the market. A bunch of drunken men took care of our sweetheart
in the nighttime. I don`t want to know what they did to her before burning her body. 
It must have been an impressing fire though.

The boat crew`s motherly heart Diem says bye bye.